What makes a Bremen location mandatory?
The fact that high-end cars were also built in Northern Germany.

To make the market move. Close to the customer. Together with the customer. Challenges we face on a daily basis. A location in short distance to the customer creates short paths – another indication of our success.

Wagon Automotive Bremen GmbH, founded in 2016 as a fully-owned subsidiary of Wagon Automotive Nagold GmbH.

Plant Franz-Stickan-Straße 4 (started operations in January 2017): assemblies for passenger cars, 10,000 sqm approx., about 17 employees

Plant Bergener Straße 1 (under construction): assemblies out of lightweight materials, total area 50.000 sqm approx., construction phase I 4,500 sqm approx., about 25 employees

Orlando Caldari, CEO

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