Corrosion protection on a large scale: cathodic electro-dip coating

Our cathodic dip facility is one of the largest installations of this type currently operated by a non-OEM company (original equipment manufacturer) in terms of the size of the parts that can be accommodated.

Our fully-automated KTL line consists of nine pretreatment basins and three additional basins for cathodic dip coating. The pretreatment basins can be used for coating sheet steel, galvanised sheet steel and aluminium. Also, the active basins in the installation are fitted with rockers to prevent the formation of air bubbles.

The net usable area of the tank (3,200 mm length x 2,350 mm width x 2,100 mm height) can accommodate both smaller components as well as entire truck driver cabs.

Quality assurance:
Process parameters and treatment temperatures are recorded and documented by the installation on an ongoing basis. The contents of the tank are analysed three times per day in order to ensure consistent conditions, and we also follow a comprehensive testing procedure for sampling layer thickness and paint adhesion on individual parts and components which can be extended according to customer-specific testing procedures.We perform ongoing monitoring of test panels in our climatic test chamber and evaluate the results for quality assurance. The temperature curves in our drying plants are also regularly monitored and documented.

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