Why can we act faster?
Because we make fast decisions. Good decisions.

The car supplier industry is changing fast, and getting faster every day. Wagon Automotive is always one step ahead - for we are already working today on the solutions of tomorrow, following a very simple motto: more intelligent does not have to be more complicated. This is our pledge to you.

Range of services:
Process development, project management, quality planning, stamped body parts, modules, assemblies, driver cabs for commercial vehicles, cathodic dip coating (KTL), top coating.

Orlando Caldari, CEO | Rolf Gaßner, CSO

Production area:
Nagold 98,000 m² approx., Bremen 50,000 m² approx.

840 approx.

Management Systems:
Quality management system IATF 16 949
Environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001
Safety management system ISO 45001
Energy Management ISO 50001

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