Automation and flexibility: the press shop

Our modern, fully-automated pressing facilities can accomodate tools of up to a maximum of 4,400 mm x 2,500 mm in size, and are thus particularly suited to the production of visible elements – also referred to as outer skin panels - for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

We procure our materials in coil sheet form each weighing approximately 25 t.
Moulded parts – also referred to as blanks – are cut on large stamping presses, processed on press lines, where they are separated, cleaned and sectionally lubricated by a fully-automated blank feeding line, then fed through the presses.

Rapid tool change times enable us to efficiently and economically produce even small batch sizes.

Quality assurance:
Each individual component undergoes stringent visual inspection. The regular inspection of press parts with our 3D measuring machine means that we are quickly able to recognise deviations within the process and to react accordingly.

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