Why does quality involve hard work?
Because it doesn’t come from nowhere. It comes from Wagon.

Our solutions and services enjoy a superior reputation.Our high standards of quality are the result of continuous hard work and of numerous decades of experience in the field. We are very proud of this and will always continue our search for further state-of-the-art, excellent quality, environmentally-friendly products. This is our pledge to you.

We are aware that the quality of our services and also the quality of our products determine the success of our business, directly affecting the number of employees in our company.We also regard it as our mission to continually improve the quality level of the products and services offered by Wagon Automotive by means of innovative technical knowledge from systematic product development and refinement, under consideration of market requirements and optimal manufacturing conditions. We intend to continue using state-of-the-art technology on all projects as we have done in the past, and we also feel an obligation to design and make our products as environmentally-friendly as possible. Today, tomorrow and for the future.

Our management system is DIN certified
IATF 16 949

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